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XTRAMAX HE - (07 Pump)
Appliance Code: 47-047-29

Appliance Diagram

07 Pump diagram for Glowworm Xtramax HEClick the diagram to open it on a new page

You can then pinch & zoom to adjust the size.

72 Part number 05459300, O-Ring (PK20) O-RING (PK20)
Glowworm part no. 05459300
73 Part number S1024000, NOW USE 0010030631 Motor pump NOW USE 0010030631 MOTOR PUMP
Glowworm part no. S1024000
Glowworm part no. 0010030631
74 Part number S1024400, Heating filter HEATING FILTER
Glowworm part no. S1024400
75 Part number 0020018569, NOW USE S1024500 automatic air vent NOW USE S1024500 AUTOMATIC AIR VENT
Glowworm part no. 0020018569
75 Part number S1024500, Automatic de-aerator AUTOMATIC DE-AERATOR
Glowworm part no. S1024500
76 Part number 0020018571, draining pipe DRAINING PIPE
Glowworm part no. 0020018571
77 Part number S1035900, Clip (pk10) CLIP (PK10)
Glowworm part no. S1035900
Glowworm part no. 0020018578
78 Part number 0020036508, Block pump BLOCK PUMP
Glowworm part no. 0020036508
Glowworm part no. 0020036509
79   NOW USE S1075500 ELBOW PIPE
Glowworm part no. 0020018579
79 Part number S1075500, elbow ELBOW
Glowworm part no. S1075500
80 Part number 0020018582, NOW USE S1076000 pump sanitary NOW USE S1076000 PUMP SANITARY
Glowworm part no. 0020018582
80 Part number S1076000, pump PUMP
Glowworm part no. S1076000
Glowworm part no. 0020018583
81 Part number S1075900, hydraulic bloc HYDRAULIC BLOC
Glowworm part no. S1075900
82   NOW USE S1076100 SEAL (SET OF 10)
Glowworm part no. 0020018584
82 Part number S1076100, Gasket (PK10) GASKET (PK10)
Glowworm part no. S1076100
83 Part number 0020018585, NOW USE S1072600 seal (set of 10) NOW USE S1072600 SEAL (SET OF 10)
Glowworm part no. 0020018585
83 Part number S1072600, Sealing ring pump (PK10) SEALING RING PUMP (PK10)
Glowworm part no. S1072600
84   NOW USE S1076700 PUMP / 3WV PIPE
Glowworm part no. 0020018599
84 Part number S1076700, Pipe, pump - 3 way valve PIPE, PUMP - 3 WAY VALVE
Glowworm part no. S1076700
Glowworm part no. 0020018602
85 Part number S1077000, Pipe, cold water PIPE, COLD WATER
Glowworm part no. S1077000
86 Part number 2000801948, O-ring, (PK20) O-RING, (PK20)
Glowworm part no. 2000801948
87 Part number 2000801950, O-ring for pipe (PK20) O-RING FOR PIPE (PK20)
Glowworm part no. 2000801950
88 Part number 2000801951, NOW USE S5466200clip 10mm NOW USE S5466200CLIP 10MM
Glowworm part no. 2000801951
88 Part number S5466200, Clip 10mm (PK10) CLIP 10MM (PK10)
Glowworm part no. S5466200
89 Part number 2000801953, NOW USE S5466400 o-ring 13mm cv-filter (20 pieces) NOW USE S5466400 O-RING 13MM CV-FILTER (20 PIECES)
Glowworm part no. 2000801953
89 Part number S5466400, O-Ring (PK20) O-RING (PK20)
Glowworm part no. S5466400
90 Part number 2000801954, NOW USE S5466500 o-ring (20 pieces) NOW USE S5466500 O-RING (20 PIECES)
Glowworm part no. 2000801954
90 Part number S5466500, O-ring (PK20) O-RING (PK20)
Glowworm part no. S5466500
91 Part number 2000801956, O-ring (PK10) O-RING (PK10)
Glowworm part no. 2000801956
92 Part number A000024135, NOW USE S5720500 Pressure sensor d=10mm NOW USE S5720500 PRESSURE SENSOR D=10MM
Glowworm part no. A000024135
92 Part number S5720500, Pressure Sensor PRESSURE SENSOR
Glowworm part no. S5720500

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