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QUINTA 115 - (Burner Heat Exchanger)

Appliance Diagram

Burner Heat Exchanger diagram for Remeha-Commercial Quinta 115Click the diagram to open it on a new page

You can then pinch & zoom to adjust the size.

2001 Part number S100196, (USE S101550) Heat Exchanger Quinta 85 & 115 (USE S101550) (USE S101550) HEAT EXCHANGER QUINTA 85 & 115 (USE S101550)
Remeha-Broag part no. S100196
2001 Part number S101550, Heat exchanger 90/115kW (AND Q85/Q115) HEAT EXCHANGER 90/115KW (AND Q85/Q115)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S101550
2002 Part number S53477, Heat exchanger front plate (c/w Seal & Insulation) Quinta Eco 45-115 HEAT EXCHANGER FRONT PLATE (C/W SEAL & INSULATION) QUINTA ECO 45-115
Remeha-Commercial part no. S53477
2004 Part number S54339, Quinta Eco Electrode Ignition/ionisation MX REBA inc gasket and 2 screws L=58 QUINTA ECO ELECTRODE IGNITION/IONISATION MX REBA INC GASKET AND 2 SCREWS L=58
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54339
2005 Part number S45004, Glass inspection c/w gasket 32x32x3mm and screws GLASS INSPECTION C/W GASKET 32X32X3MM AND SCREWS
Remeha-Commercial part no. S45004
2006 Part number S54731, Insulation front plate heat exchanger INSULATION FRONT PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54731
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54781
2009 Part number S57163, Cap for connection piece chimney (Pk2) CAP FOR CONNECTION PIECE CHIMNEY (PK2)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S57163
2010 Part number S62728, Auto Air Vent bleed device 3/8" AUTO AIR VENT BLEED DEVICE 3/8"
Remeha-Commercial part no. S62728
Remeha-Commercial part no. S62729
2011 Part number S100041, Syphon Assembly Q115 SYPHON ASSEMBLY Q115
Remeha-Commercial part no. S100041
2012 Part number S44698, Temperature Sensor (flow And return) Elmwood NTC 12K/007 TEMPERATURE SENSOR (FLOW AND RETURN) ELMWOOD NTC 12K/007
Remeha-Commercial part no. S44698
2013 Part number S57241, Gasket front plate Quinta 45/65/85/115 (Red Seal) GASKET FRONT PLATE QUINTA 45/65/85/115 (RED SEAL)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S57241
2014 Part number S55994, (Use 7631936) - Flue gas pipe dia100 Q65/85/115 (USE 7631936) - FLUE GAS PIPE DIA100 Q65/85/115
Remeha-Broag part no. S55994
2014 Part number 7631936, Flue Gas Discharge Pipe +©100 (c/w Seals) FLUE GAS DISCHARGE PIPE +©100 (C/W SEALS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. 7631936
2015 Part number 53240, OBSOLETE Cap for flue gas temperature sensor OBSOLETE CAP FOR FLUE GAS TEMPERATURE SENSOR
Remeha-Broag part no. 53240
2015 Part number S53240, OBSOLETE Cap for flue gas temperature sensor OBSOLETE CAP FOR FLUE GAS TEMPERATURE SENSOR
Remeha-Commercial part no. S53240
2016 Part number 54278, (USE S54278) Grommet 46mm o/d x 22mm I/d black condensate pipe to bottom casing (USE S54278) GROMMET 46MM O/D X 22MM I/D BLACK CONDENSATE PIPE TO BOTTOM CASING
Remeha-Broag part no. 54278
2016 Part number S54278, Grommet (5pcs) GROMMET (5PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54278
2017 Part number S48950, Screw M4x10 (50 pcs.) SCREW M4X10 (50 PCS.)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S48950
2018 Part number S55924, Cable ignition c/w cap (Quinta 45/65/85 & 115) CABLE IGNITION C/W CAP (QUINTA 45/65/85 & 115)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S55924
2019 Part number S53489, Gasket for ignition electrode (Pack of 10) GASKET FOR IGNITION ELECTRODE (PACK OF 10)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S53489
2020 Part number S54822, Mounting Frame (For Inspection Glass) MOUNTING FRAME (FOR INSPECTION GLASS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54822
2021 Part number S35458, Gasket for inspection glass (5 pcs) GASKET FOR INSPECTION GLASS (5 PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S35458
2022 Part number S54755, FLANGE NUT M6 FLANGE NUT M6
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54755
2023 Part number 55915, DO NOT USE Sealing ring r 100 (USE S55915 PK OF 5) DO NOT USE SEALING RING R 100 (USE S55915 PK OF 5)
Remeha-Broag part no. 55915
2023 Part number S55915, Quinta Internal Flue Sealing Ring 100mm (5pcs) QUINTA INTERNAL FLUE SEALING RING 100MM (5PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S55915
2027 Part number S57470, Sealing Plate (Syphon Black Foam) 5 Pcs SEALING PLATE (SYPHON BLACK FOAM) 5 PCS
Remeha-Commercial part no. S57470
2029 Part number S51103, Sealing Ring 44 x 32 x 4 Pack of 5 SEALING RING 44 X 32 X 4 PACK OF 5
Remeha-Commercial part no. S51103
2030 Part number 21473, NOW USE S21473 Washer spring ring 4mm o/d x 3mm I/d for Ign electrode mtg screws x 2 NOW USE S21473 WASHER SPRING RING 4MM O/D X 3MM I/D FOR IGN ELECTRODE MTG SCREWS X 2
Remeha-Broag part no. 21473
2030 Part number S21473, Washer Spring Ring A4,3 (10 Pcs.) WASHER SPRING RING A4,3 (10 PCS.)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S21473

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