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Part number 45165, Euro Plug (male) EURO PLUG (MALE)
Remeha-Commercial part no. 45165
Part number 54789, Adaptor support ADAPTOR SUPPORT
Remeha-Commercial part no. 54789
1 Part number 55504, (USE S55504) Side panel (USE S55504) SIDE PANEL
Remeha-Broag part no. 55504
1 Part number S55504, Quinta Side Panel QUINTA SIDE PANEL
Remeha-Commercial part no. S55504
2 Part number 54782, Ignition cable clip IGNITION CABLE CLIP
Remeha-Broag part no. 54782
3 Part number 7631936, Flue Gas Discharge Pipe +©100 (c/w Seals) FLUE GAS DISCHARGE PIPE +©100 (C/W SEALS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. 7631936
3 Part number 7631937, Flue Gas Discharge Pipe +©80 (c/w Seals) FLUE GAS DISCHARGE PIPE +©80 (C/W SEALS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. 7631937
4 Part number 55570, Heat exchanger fixing HEAT EXCHANGER FIXING
Remeha-Commercial part no. 55570
5 Part number S54750, Flue connection D=80mm excentric for QP30/45 (Cover) FLUE CONNECTION D=80MM EXCENTRIC FOR QP30/45 (COVER)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54750
5 Part number S54751, Flue connection D=125mm concentric FLUE CONNECTION D=125MM CONCENTRIC
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54751
5 Part number S54763, Flue connection D=100mm excentric for Q65/85/115 & Gas 110 Eco FLUE CONNECTION D=100MM EXCENTRIC FOR Q65/85/115 & GAS 110 ECO
Remeha-Broag part no. S54763
5 Part number S54764, Flue connection D=150mm concentric FLUE CONNECTION D=150MM CONCENTRIC
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54764
6 Part number 54747, (USE S54747) Flue connection 80mm dia (USE S54747) FLUE CONNECTION 80MM DIA
Remeha-Broag part no. 54747
6 Part number 54780, (USE S54780) Flue connection 100mm dia (USE S54780) FLUE CONNECTION 100MM DIA
Remeha-Broag part no. 54780
6 Part number S54747, Flue connection 80mm dia (Excentric) FLUE CONNECTION 80MM DIA (EXCENTRIC)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54747
6 Part number S54780, Flue connection 100mm dia FLUE CONNECTION 100MM DIA
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54780
7 Part number 55576, Rear Panel With Cover Quinta Eco REAR PANEL WITH COVER QUINTA ECO
Remeha-Commercial part no. 55576
8 Part number S49297, Flue gas temp. sensor NTC 12kohm 3% (blue dot-Eco boiler) FLUE GAS TEMP. SENSOR NTC 12KOHM 3% (BLUE DOT-ECO BOILER)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S49297
9 Part number S59659, Grommet for flue gas sensor (5 pc pack) GROMMET FOR FLUE GAS SENSOR (5 PC PACK)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S59659
10 Part number S37628, NEW PART NUMBER S62728 Vent auto air bleed device 3/8" for W40/60, Quinta, Gas6, Gas2000/3000, Selecta NEW PART NUMBER S62728 VENT AUTO AIR BLEED DEVICE 3/8" FOR W40/60, QUINTA, GAS6, GAS2000/3000, SELECTA
Remeha-Broag part no. S37628
10 Part number S62728, Auto Air Vent bleed device 3/8" AUTO AIR VENT BLEED DEVICE 3/8"
Remeha-Commercial part no. S62728
12 Part number 54278, (USE S54278) Grommet 46mm o/d x 22mm I/d black condensate pipe to bottom casing (USE S54278) GROMMET 46MM O/D X 22MM I/D BLACK CONDENSATE PIPE TO BOTTOM CASING
Remeha-Broag part no. 54278
12 Part number S54278, Grommet (5pcs) GROMMET (5PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54278
13 Part number S44698, Temperature Sensor (flow And return) Elmwood NTC 12K/007 TEMPERATURE SENSOR (FLOW AND RETURN) ELMWOOD NTC 12K/007
Remeha-Commercial part no. S44698
14 Part number 55573, Heat exchanger suspension bracket Q65 HEAT EXCHANGER SUSPENSION BRACKET Q65
Remeha-Commercial part no. 55573
15 Part number 47174, Distance holder DISTANCE HOLDER
Remeha-Broag part no. 47174
16 Part number 48950, NOW USE S48950 Screw M4 x 10 NOW USE S48950 SCREW M4 X 10
Remeha-Broag part no. 48950
16 Part number S48950, Screw M4x10 (50 pcs.) SCREW M4X10 (50 PCS.)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S48950
18 Part number S54339, Quinta Eco Electrode Ignition/ionisation MX REBA inc gasket and 2 screws L=58 QUINTA ECO ELECTRODE IGNITION/IONISATION MX REBA INC GASKET AND 2 SCREWS L=58
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54339
19 Part number S53489, Gasket for ignition electrode (Pack of 10) GASKET FOR IGNITION ELECTRODE (PACK OF 10)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S53489
20 Part number 54822, (USE S54822) Mounting frame (for inspection glass) (USE S54822) MOUNTING FRAME (FOR INSPECTION GLASS)
Remeha-Broag part no. 54822
20 Part number S54822, Mounting Frame (For Inspection Glass) MOUNTING FRAME (FOR INSPECTION GLASS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54822
21 Part number S101551, Heat exchanger 65kW HEAT EXCHANGER 65KW
Remeha-Commercial part no. S101551
21 Part number S53324, USE S101551 Heat Exchanger Q65 USE S101551 HEAT EXCHANGER Q65
Remeha-Broag part no. S53324
21 Part number S57040, Set Core Plugs 5 pieces for heat exchanger (12mm A/F Allen key req SET CORE PLUGS 5 PIECES FOR HEAT EXCHANGER (12MM A/F ALLEN KEY REQ
Remeha-Commercial part no. S57040
22 Part number S45004, Glass inspection c/w gasket 32x32x3mm and screws GLASS INSPECTION C/W GASKET 32X32X3MM AND SCREWS
Remeha-Commercial part no. S45004
23 Part number 35458, (NOW USE S35458) Gasket for inspection glass (NOW USE S35458) GASKET FOR INSPECTION GLASS
Remeha-Broag part no. 35458
23 Part number S35458, Gasket for inspection glass (5 pcs) GASKET FOR INSPECTION GLASS (5 PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S35458
24 Part number S53477, Heat exchanger front plate (c/w Seal & Insulation) Quinta Eco 45-115 HEAT EXCHANGER FRONT PLATE (C/W SEAL & INSULATION) QUINTA ECO 45-115
Remeha-Commercial part no. S53477
25 Part number 54755, (NOW USE S54755) Nut M6 (NOW USE S54755) NUT M6
Remeha-Broag part no. 54755
25 Part number S54755, FLANGE NUT M6 FLANGE NUT M6
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54755
26 Part number S54731, Insulation front plate heat exchanger INSULATION FRONT PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54731
27 Part number S54754, Burner (Q65) furigas (c/w seal and insulation) BURNER (Q65) FURIGAS (C/W SEAL AND INSULATION)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54754
28 Part number 55914, NOW USE S100855 Sealing ring r 80 NOW USE S100855 SEALING RING R 80
Remeha-Broag part no. 55914
28 Part number 55915, DO NOT USE Sealing ring r 100 (USE S55915 PK OF 5) DO NOT USE SEALING RING R 100 (USE S55915 PK OF 5)
Remeha-Broag part no. 55915
28 Part number S55914, NOW USE S100855 Sealing Ring dia 80 (5pcs) NOW USE S100855 SEALING RING DIA 80 (5PCS)
Remeha-Broag part no. S55914
28 Part number S55915, Quinta Internal Flue Sealing Ring 100mm (5pcs) QUINTA INTERNAL FLUE SEALING RING 100MM (5PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S55915
28 Part number s100855, Sealing Ring SEALING RING
Remeha-Commercial part no. s100855
29 Part number S56987, Bolt M6 x 16 (X10) BOLT M6 X 16 (X10)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S56987
30 Part number 54743, DISCONTINUED Pipe work clamp rear left side DISCONTINUED PIPE WORK CLAMP REAR LEFT SIDE
Remeha-Broag part no. 54743
31 Part number 54744, DISCONTINUED Pipe work clamp rear right side DISCONTINUED PIPE WORK CLAMP REAR RIGHT SIDE
Remeha-Broag part no. 54744
32 Part number 54745, Pipe work clamp front PIPE WORK CLAMP FRONT
Remeha-Commercial part no. 54745
33 Part number 54798, Hinge pin (instrument door) HINGE PIN (INSTRUMENT DOOR)
Remeha-Broag part no. 54798
35 Part number S56151, Gasket for fan to venturi GASKET FOR FAN TO VENTURI
Remeha-Commercial part no. S56151
36 Part number S57241, Gasket frontplate Quinta 45/65/85/115 (Red Seal) GASKET FRONTPLATE QUINTA 45/65/85/115 (RED SEAL)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S57241
37 Part number 54777, Sealing for venturi ( order S54777 - now sold in packs of 5) SEALING FOR VENTURI ( ORDER S54777 - NOW SOLD IN PACKS OF 5)
Remeha-Broag part no. 54777
37 Part number S54777, Sealing for Venturi - (pack of 5) SEALING FOR VENTURI - (PACK OF 5)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54777
38 Part number S54766, Venturi Cvi 051 65 VENTURI CVI 051 65
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54766
39 Part number 48512, Nut M5x10 NUT M5X10
Remeha-Broag part no. 48512
39 Part number S48512, Screw M5X10 (10 Pcs) SCREW M5X10 (10 PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S48512
40 Part number 54768, NOW (USE S59215) Gasket gas combi block/venturi NOW (USE S59215) GASKET GAS COMBI BLOCK/VENTURI
Remeha-Broag part no. 54768
40 Part number S59215, Gasket ring Venturi/Gas supply pipe (5 pcs) GASKET RING VENTURI/GAS SUPPLY PIPE (5 PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S59215
41 Part number S54771, Seal O-ring 15.1x2.7 (5 pcs) SEAL O-RING 15.1X2.7 (5 PCS)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54771
42 Part number S49424, Stool piece (internal flow pipe) STOOL PIECE (INTERNAL FLOW PIPE)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S49424
43 Part number 54757, (USE S54757) Sealant return central heating (USE S54757) SEALANT RETURN CENTRAL HEATING
Remeha-Broag part no. 54757
43 Part number S54757, Sealant Return Central Heating SEALANT RETURN CENTRAL HEATING
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54757
44 Part number 54760, (Now P/N S54760) Sealant condensate connection (NOW P/N S54760) SEALANT CONDENSATE CONNECTION
Remeha-Broag part no. 54760
44 Part number S54760, Sealant Condensate Connection SEALANT CONDENSATE CONNECTION
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54760
45 Part number 54758, (USE S54758) Pump adapter heat exchanger/pump (USE S54758) PUMP ADAPTER HEAT EXCHANGER/PUMP
Remeha-Broag part no. 54758
45 Part number S54758, Pump adapter heat exchanger/pump PUMP ADAPTER HEAT EXCHANGER/PUMP
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54758
46 Part number 51103, (NOW USE S51103) Sealing ring 44x32x4mm - single item (NOW USE S51103) SEALING RING 44X32X4MM - SINGLE ITEM
Remeha-Broag part no. 51103
46 Part number S51103, Sealing Ring 44 x 32 x 4 Pack of 5 SEALING RING 44 X 32 X 4 PACK OF 5
Remeha-Commercial part no. S51103
48 Part number S54767, Valve multi block vk8115 (8125) Quinta 45/65 VALVE MULTI BLOCK VK8115 (8125) QUINTA 45/65
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54767
49 Part number 55505, (USE S62176) Instrument panel box (USE S62176) INSTRUMENT PANEL BOX
Remeha-Broag part no. 55505
49 Part number S62176, Quinta Middle Casing Panel QUINTA MIDDLE CASING PANEL
Remeha-Commercial part no. S62176
50 Part number 54796, Panel tem back plate PANEL TEM BACK PLATE
Remeha-Commercial part no. 54796
51 Part number 54809, OBSOLETE Cable clip OBSOLETE CABLE CLIP
Remeha-Broag part no. 54809
52 Part number S54802, PCB display print PCB DISPLAY PRINT
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54802
53 Part number 54794, Snapper for control box SNAPPER FOR CONTROL BOX
Remeha-Broag part no. 54794
55 Part number 57285, (Use S54783) Cap front casing top side for Quinta 45/65 (USE S54783) CAP FRONT CASING TOP SIDE FOR QUINTA 45/65
Remeha-Broag part no. 57285
55 Part number S54783, Casing front for Quinta ECO (Includes Top & Bottom Trim) CASING FRONT FOR QUINTA ECO (INCLUDES TOP & BOTTOM TRIM)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54783
56 Part number S54783, Casing front for Quinta ECO (Includes Top & Bottom Trim) CASING FRONT FOR QUINTA ECO (INCLUDES TOP & BOTTOM TRIM)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54783
57 Part number 57284, (Use S54783) Cap Front Casing bottom side for Quinta (Now comes as part of Front Casing S54783) (USE S54783) CAP FRONT CASING BOTTOM SIDE FOR QUINTA (NOW COMES AS PART OF FRONT CASING S54783)
Remeha-Broag part no. 57284
57 Part number S54783, Casing front for Quinta ECO (Includes Top & Bottom Trim) CASING FRONT FOR QUINTA ECO (INCLUDES TOP & BOTTOM TRIM)
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54783
58 Part number 57238, (USE S57238) Air inlet damper (USE S57238) AIR INLET DAMPER
Remeha-Broag part no. 57238
58 Part number S57238, Air inlet damper AIR INLET DAMPER
Remeha-Commercial part no. S57238
60 Part number 54797, (USE S59480) Panel tem front plate (USE S59480) PANEL TEM FRONT PLATE
Remeha-Broag part no. 54797
60 Part number S59480, Panel tem front plate PANEL TEM FRONT PLATE
Remeha-Commercial part no. S59480
61 Part number 30678, Screw sheet metal 4.2x25 SCREW SHEET METAL 4.2X25
Remeha-Broag part no. 30678
62 Part number 54770, Gas supply pipe GAS SUPPLY PIPE
Remeha-Broag part no. 54770
64 Part number 720721901, PRESSURE GAUGE PRESSURE GAUGE
Remeha-Broag part no. 720721901
65 Part number 54813, (USE S54813) Inspection window plastic (USE S54813) INSPECTION WINDOW PLASTIC
Remeha-Broag part no. 54813
65 Part number S54813, Sight Cover For Display SIGHT COVER FOR DISPLAY
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54813
68 Part number 54800, (USE S54800)Panel display (USE S54800)PANEL DISPLAY
Remeha-Broag part no. 54800
68 Part number S54800, Door R/H DOOR R/H
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54800
69 Part number 56940, (USE S56940)Door display (USE S56940)DOOR DISPLAY
Remeha-Broag part no. 56940
69 Part number S56940, Door R/H Cover DOOR R/H COVER
Remeha-Commercial part no. S56940
70 Part number 54811, (USE S54811) Magnet round 8mm for door closure (USE S54811) MAGNET ROUND 8MM FOR DOOR CLOSURE
Remeha-Broag part no. 54811
70 Part number S54811, Quinta Door Magnets QUINTA DOOR MAGNETS
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54811
72 Part number S54793, Instrument panel bottom plate INSTRUMENT PANEL BOTTOM PLATE
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54793
73 Part number S54756, Flow pipe with 2 conn positions, plug and loctite FLOW PIPE WITH 2 CONN POSITIONS, PLUG AND LOCTITE
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54756
74 Part number 49196, Cable support CABLE SUPPORT
Remeha-Broag part no. 49196
76 Part number 54812, Documentation holder a5 DOCUMENTATION HOLDER A5
Remeha-Broag part no. 54812
77 Part number 49834, (USE S62729 now Pk of 5) Valve Non Return 3/8" for auto air vent (USE S62729 NOW PK OF 5) VALVE NON RETURN 3/8" FOR AUTO AIR VENT
Remeha-Broag part no. 49834
Remeha-Commercial part no. S62729
78 Part number 54769, NOW USE S54769 Syphon reservoir cup only NOW USE S54769 SYPHON RESERVOIR CUP ONLY
Remeha-Broag part no. 54769
78 Part number S54761, Syphon assembly c/w outlet pipe SYPHON ASSEMBLY C/W OUTLET PIPE
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54761
78 Part number S54769, Syphon Reservoir Cup Only SYPHON RESERVOIR CUP ONLY
Remeha-Commercial part no. S54769
79 Part number S55571, Floor plate clapper FLOOR PLATE CLAPPER
Remeha-Commercial part no. S55571




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