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#Non Compliant heating spares

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2018 at 6:37 PM into Copy parts and Non compliant heating spares by HSP

HSP has been concerned for some time about the saturation of the spare parts market with significant numbers of counterfeit, or reconditioned, spares that cannot demonstrate compliance with industry standards. The consequences of the use of such parts may have repercussions. A substandard part may have a short life, it may make noise or lack water-tightness, all issues which may quite literally risk harm to property or human life. Just one serious injury or fatality, whether to an end user or a professional installer, due to a faulty spare part causing a malfunction in a boiler, apart from being an avoidable tragedy, could harm the heating industry for years to come and cost the installer his livelihood and reputation. HSP puts forward that the heating industry should become more responsible for improved practice in this area and needs to take measures to combat the flood of non-genuine boiler parts into the sector. The recent changes to H&S Legislation now provide for the potential of exposure to an unlimited fine in the event of corporate manslaughter.

HSP is not the only concerned party in the heating spares industry about the dangers of the installation of non-compliant spares, into heating boilers, which are not up to scratch. Other major players in our sector would like to make public their concerns by starting to raise awareness of the legal ramifications which installers may face if installing parts which do not conform to the gas heating industry’s regulations. This comes as music to HSP’s ears since it is a message we have been banging on about for a long time

Sadly, HSP recognises that the mass online availability of heating parts, which has developed in the last 10 years, has contributed massively to the abuse of industry standards. While many engineers and end-users may not be aware that non-genuine parts have been installed, it should be pointed out to installers that, in law, ignorance is no defence! The last person to touch the appliance is the first person to answer for any shortcomings.

We consider that the heating industry needs to be more aware of the potential harm that sub-standard heating spares can do. No self-respecting installation engineer, or heating company, should be uncritical in their practice. Components that are suspiciously cheap, or packaged in boxes that do not bare the manufactures logos, warrant greater inspection as to their authenticity, than a just cursory glance. Good practice tells us to look further than the end of our noses. It is our responsibility to do so, and the law requires it!  If you are caught unawares and unknowingly have installed sub-standard parts then you are vulnerable to being sued should accidents occur It is possible that you might be found guilty of criminal negligence and sentenced to a lengthy time in jail in the event that an accident causes death

HSP wants to highlight this issue as one of significance for the entire heating industry. As a cross-cutting matter that impacts on every single one of us, we encourage all who work in the sector, and the consumer, to engage in this issue. We should work together to bring an end to the use of counterfeit and unsafe components that are so potentially dangerous and which undermine the economy surrounding the heating industry. By highlighting the legal implications of using poor quality and copy parts in commercial or domestic boilers we can start to counter the ill-effects of this horrifying trend in our sector. 

We suggest that engineers & consumers take special care when purchasing on the internet. Using reputable websites, such as HSP who always ensure their parts sold online are genuine, paying reasonable prices rather than ridiculously cheap ones, and checking goods after arrival through the post to make sure they are what they say they are, will be a good start in making progress toward eradicating the threat to our livelihoods and our lives!

You may be told that the part, which you are considering purchasing, is the same, is fully compatible and that manufacturers are simply greedy. If this is the case, we suggest that you ask them to prove the safety of their alternative parts before you buy. Meeting the high standards of GAD / GAR is not cheap and requires a significant number of technical qualifications and extensive product testing by independent laboratories.

So, if you want to err on the side of caution and prevent your business from being found culpable through unintended non-compliance with the law, we recommend that you only fit manufacturer’s genuine parts. All leading UK manufactures put their name on the packaging of every genuine part, so make sure you look for the name on the box.

A step in the right direction would be if eBay & Search engines , did not give a platform to such misleading online web shops and if card merchants did due diligence on these dodgy companies instead of acting like mules (surely they can see safety before profit is the correct business model

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