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Vaillant, Ake and the flexoThERM heat pump

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 7:09 PM into no particular category

Vaillant, Ake and the flexoThERM heat pump the fully story

Vaillant promotes the strides it has made in renewable heating solutions through video 


Naimakka, recorded as the coldest place in Sweden, sits in the northernmost part of the country snuggled to the northeast tip of Finland and the farthest flung parts of Norway and boasts the latest Vaillant brand ambassador, Ake.   Ake lives deep in the Arctic Circle, 3km from his nearest neighbour and where the temperature drops regularly to -40°C. Frozen pipes have been a continual issue, needless to say, and have affected Ake’s heating considerably.   Since Vaillant came to the rescue, Ake no longer has to suffer this problem.

Vaillant, launched a new campaign that marks new investment from Vaillant into the renewable energy sector.    The leading heating technology manufacturer has featured Ake in the campaign because of the extreme nature of the climate in which he lives.   Ake is now a very happy man.  Vaillant intervened by installing a flexoTHERM heat pump in Ake’s home transforming it into the warmest, most welcoming home in Sweden. 

Vaillant claim that this renewable heating solution is the perfect answer when a gas boiler can’t help.   They have made a promotional video featuring Ake and his home to demonstrate the performance and reliability of Vaillant’s renewable products which feature the heat pump technology that is demonstrated so well in the harsh unrelenting conditions of the Arctic.

The Vaillant campaign is part of a strategy to support installers in developing their services through renewable heating and hot water technologies and to demonstrate to their efficacy to customers more easily through strong visual communications. Vaillant are supporting their new brand campaign by providing a dedicated UK resource that will support installers who are keen to develop more of their work in renewable technology.

Ian Cuthbert of Heating Spare Parts, a stockist of Vaillant, said:  “The use of Ake and his predicament is a very effective and compelling means of showing customers the intrinsic value of renewable heating technology.  Vaillant have really strived to leap forwards in this developing sector and have succeeded with the campaign and with the technology. HSP supports Vaillant’s efforts to become a leader in the world of sustainable heating.

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